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Our Team

We couldn't have set up A Little Less Waste without the help of our friends and family. They are all part of the team and we couldn't be more grateful! 

The Melton Wellness House

A Little Less Waste is based in the Melton Wellness House, a beautiful building full of history.

It is now home to a distinctive collective of independent health, wellness and ethical businesses, including a plant-based eatery, while also offering a host of holistic therapies, treatments, nutrition, workshops and events within its walls. 


Daniel Pike

My partner Dan has been a huge part of the shop, using his Marketing experience to help build an audience.

He has been an important part of this since I first had the idea, and I couldn't have done it without him! 

Liz, Kev and Ben Stones

My family has supported me tirelessly as we bring 'A Little Less Waste' to life and without them this dream of mine wouldn't have been a success. 

Liz has spent her retirement helping to fill jars, meet suppliers and build the shop. Kev has been our handy man, helping build our reclaimed fixtures and fittings. And Radio Producer Ben spent time travelling between London and Melton to help with the shop, the sound for our video and getting us some press attention!


Oliver Spicer

Ollie is a graphic designer and web design expert with over 10 years experience. He has helped us with our amazing logo and branding. His creativity has helped bring 'A Little Less Waste' to life! 

Check out his Instagram and his prints on Etsy. 

Chloe De'ath

Chloe is an amazing animator, who created the the 'Shopping Zero Waste' video on our website.

Her incredible talent has helped us be more accessible, as we try and make zero waste shopping as easy as possible!

Ella Atcheson

Ella  is a printmaker and illustrator living in London, originally from Leicestershire. She makes screen prints by hand in a studio in east London. She’s a big fan of pumpkins, felt tips and LCFC.


We are so grateful for Ella's help with our chalk boards - they look so good!

Her limited edition hand screen-printed vegetables and macaroons are keeping our walls looking colourful, and are also available to buy.


Check out Ella on Instagram.⠀


Opening times: Thursday: 9:00am – 5:00pm / Friday: 9:00am – 4:00pm / Saturday: 9:00am – 4:00pm
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