Two Chimps Coffee 'Like a Pig in Pyjamas' (250g)

Two Chimps Coffee 'Like a Pig in Pyjamas' (250g)


Check out this single-origin coffee from Honduras. It's coffee's answer to bed socks. Rounded and honey-like in body with cosy flavours of chocolate and dried fruit. 


£7.95 for 250g recyclable bag. Can be ground to prefered drinking style. 


Keep your mug snug with chocolate depth and golden toffee sweetness. Homely flavours of dried fruit bring a little autumnal warmth, too. Just lovely.


While this coffee tastes awesome in every device, our favourites are an espresso machine, Aeropress & moka pot.


Two chimps: "We source this warming coffee from the Poder Femenino farm and the San Rafael farm in Los Limos, Honduras. The latter of these is owned by Norma Iris Fiallos and located in Copan, the most famous of Honduras’s six main coffee-growing regions. Norma is a creative, forward-thinking coffee producer and harvests an unmissable variety of coffee varietals. You’ll find her San Rafael farm located in pine forests, which give truly unique coffees thanks to their acidic soil. This coffee is also shade grown, which slows down the plants’ growth rate to give you a more complex, flavourful cup. It’s kinder to the surrounding wildlife, too.


Norma’s coffee is always wash processed at the Aruco mill. Positioned 800 meters above sea level, the mill enjoys a dry, stable climate which helps create stellar coffees again and again. The washed process is the best way to taste a coffee in its true light. Rather than adding fruity flavours, which can sometimes be the case with other processing methods, the washed process gives us bright cups with crystal clarity."

Opening times: Tuesday: 09:00am – 5:00pm / Wednesday: 10:00am - 3:00pm / Thursday: 9:00am – 6.00pm
Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm / Saturday: 9:00am – 4:00pm