Six Hills Spicy Citrus - Plum & Citrus Chutney with Ginger & Spices

Six Hills Spicy Citrus - Plum & Citrus Chutney with Ginger & Spices


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Each jar is 300g


Six Hills is an area that lies seven miles to the north west of Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire. The name is a corruption of Segshill, so the real meaning of the place name is the high ground where seggs were kept, segg being the local name for sheep. Barrows and other earthworks are to be found in the area, which accommodates a section of the Fosse Way as it makes its progress between Exeter and Lincoln.


The Way was built in the middle of the 1st century AD and the word Fosse comes from the Latin word for ditch (Fossa). This is probably a reference to the western boundary of Roman controlled Britain which was protected by a defensive ditch, also extending from Exeter to Lincoln. Whether the ditch was filled in and the road built later, or whether the road was built to follow the ditch, cannot be established but the road has certainly taken the name of the ditch!

The sweet/spicy/sour flavour of our citrus plum chutney reminds us of this intriguing area of the Vale of Belvoir and its Roman connections.


Vegetarian Friendly 

Vegan Friendly

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