Pure Pink Himalayan Rock Salt

Pure Pink Himalayan Rock Salt

10 Grams

100% Pure Pink Himalayan Rock Salt

  • Mined in the Himalayan Mountains

  • Contains over 80 minerals and trace elements

  • Unprocessed natural product

  • Use as a replacement for table salt or as bath salts


This Pink Himalayan Rock Salt is natural, packed with minerals and completely free of additives. Formed over 250 million years, it contains more than 80 essential minerals and trace elements. Whether you want to add flavour and nutrients to your cooking or enjoy a blissful bath, Pink Himalayan Rock Salt is a great alternative to table salt and sea salt.


Pink Himalayan Rock Salt comes from an uncontaminated environment and is produced using clean, sustainable techniques, so you can be sure you will receive the very highest quality product. Pink Himalayan Rock Salt is produced by specialist salt workers in a rural area of the Himalayan Mountains, where a surge in the popularity of this renowned product has provided jobs and support for local communities.


Mined from an unpolluted and sparsely populated region of northern Pakistan, this traditionally produced salt is washed and dried in the sun before being ground and inspected for quality. The salt was formed in pristine, ancient oceans and gets its striking pink colour from the natural presence of various trace elements, including magnesium and iodine. Pink Himalayan Rock Salt is naturally full of minerals and is an excellent addition to a balanced diet. 


Unlike table salt, Pink Himalayan Rock Salt is completely unrefined and free of additives. It could also be a cleaner alternative to sea salt, which is sourced from increasingly contaminated oceans, where industrial pollution is widespread and impurities such as microbeads have entered the food chain. In recent years, the production of sea salt has come under increasing scrutiny. The process involves gathering salt by flooding shallow beds with seawater and allowing the sun to evaporate the water, which leaves behind salt crystals. Many areas where sea salt is harvested are heavily polluting countries, with China being the largest producer.


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