Red rice

Red rice


Ingredients: 100% Red rice 

According to Dr. Aithal, red rice has several benefits:

  • Strengthens immunity

Red rice is enriched with antioxidants and magnesium, which help in curing and preventing many diseases. Plus, it also contains selenium, which helps fight against several infections.

  • Helps in controlling diabetes

Since it has a low glycemic index (meaning, they cause a slower rise in the blood glucose levels), it helps in controlling the sugar level.

  • Improves digestion

Red rice is a great source of fibre, so it eases bowel movement and boosts digestion.

  • Reduces hunger pangs

The fibre and bran in red rice can make you feel satiated for long and you’re less likely to indulge in junk or binge eating after having red rice. All in all, it is weight-loss friendly.

  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

The bran present in red rice helps reduce cholesterol levels. In fact, its cholesterol-reducing properties are identical to those of some Chinese medicines with the same purpose.

  • Prevents arthritis and osteoporosis

Since it is a rich source of calcium and magnesium, it makes for a great food to boost bone density and prevent bone-related diseases.

  • What’s the right way to consume red rice?

Soak the red rice at least for an hour in a large bowl before cooking. This step will mainly help you get rid of the dust, dirt, etc. Next, add water in ratio of 1:4 (4 cups of water for one cup of rice) and boil.


Once the water boils, add the red rice and cook for 20 minutes on low flame and partially cover the mouth of the vessel with a plate. Once cooked, drain out the liquid and red rice is ready for consumption.

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