Organic Sultanas complying general characteristics of the nature and crop. The grapes are grown organically according to EC regulations for organic agriculture. No preservatives or additives are used to promote colour retention. The organic goods cannot be mixed with the conventionals. They are clearly marked in a way that they can be differentiated from the conventional goods easily when the goods come to the factory. Fumigation with insecticides such as methyl bromide or phostoxine (Degesch Plates) is not allowed for organic goods. The Sultanas are dipped into potassium and olive oil solution before drying , whereas raisins are naturally dried. The Sultanas / Raisins are washed , cleaned mechanically through the sieves and cleaned by the laser scanner. The special and super special cleaned sultanas are selected on the tables once , twice or three times depending on the specification. The packed goods are passed through the metal detector for metal inspection.


Ingredients: Organic Sultanas 99.7% Organic Sunflower Oil 0.3% Added as a processing agent and to prevent aglomeration.


100 Grams
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