Winter Warmer Tea

Winter Warmer Tea

10 Grams

Let nothing stop you with our best selling cold weather loose herbal tea. Our ultimate flu fighting, herbal tea is a blend of echinacea & eucalyptus, both said to boost your immune system, aid recovery and sooth symptoms of colds and flu. Also with aniseed, chilli & peppermint - Just what you need to fire you through!


Will this tea make me feel better if I am ill?

We can't tell you that this tea will cure it all but we find that it makes us feel better, especially with clearing blocked sinuses & soothing sore throats. Not only because it's a delicious warm cup of tea but the ingredients were handpicked especially for cold weather. Check out our recommendations for teas for when you have a cold, sore throat or sniffles!


This winter warmer gives us a little taste of Christmas all year round.

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